1. Custom m365 firmware builder - http://xiaoscooter.site/en/custom-m365-firmware-builder
  2. How to flash BMS SP15SV0001-LLT for compatible with Xiaomi mijia electro scooter m365 (m187, PRO) - https://github.com/BotoX/xiaomi-m365-compatible-bms
  3. Xiaomi mijia electro scooter m365 controller repair utility (uncheck "checksum" if you want to use your own binary image) - m365rec.rar
  4. Binaries generator for m365rec (if you want to use OTA firmware for STLink, compatible with m365 and PRO) - recBinMaster.rar
  5. BLE repair tool for xiaomi mijia electro scooter m365 and Xiaomi mijia electro scooter PRO, ninebot es, segway kick scooter max (BLE downgrade, fake BLE flashing utility for compatible with original controller) - ble365rec.rar
  6. How to use m365rec (m365 or PRO controller repair utility) VIDEO - Watch on YOUTUBE
  7. Custom firmware for Xiaomi mijia electric scooter PRO (Maximal speed is increased, start speed is lowered, flash only with m365_downg from Google Play) - Download
  8. Stock 1.5.5 firmware for Xiaomi mijia electro scooter PRO - Download
  9. If you consider to add the PRO display to your M365 scooter, you need to flash the firmware for the PRO from the constructor using the GONKAD365 preset. Also it is recommended to flash the display with a programmer (STLink) using the ble365rec.rar tool.